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Due to its composition, the innovative raw material mix in Resysta stands out through a high mechanical stability and thermal resistance.

Obtained from rice husks, a renewable resource, Resysta products from TREEPAL have an excellent ecological balance and set completely new standards for sustainability. Thanks to the unique material composition, the quality profiles defy sunlight, wind and cold, even after many years. The material is extremely resistant and unlike wood it does not rot, swell, grey, crack or splinter, which leads to a natural look and an extremely pleasant feel.

Our range of innovative profiles constitutes a real alternative to tropical wood, as not a single tree needs to be chopped down in order to obtain the material. As they are especially robust against temperature and weather influences, they are perfectly suited for use outdoors.



  • Weather-resistance

  • Frost-proof

  • UV-resistant

  • No swelling

  • No cracking

  • No splintering

  • No rotting

  • Non-slip

  • Durability class 1 against fungal infestation

  • Permanently colourfast

  • Individual colour design

  • No greying

  • Long lifespan

  • Low-maintenance

  • Easy installation

  • Recyclable

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