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Resysta – The better wood surpasses nature´s model tropical wood in nearly all respects. It is resistant to weather, pests and fungal decay as well as splinter-, swell- and crack free. At the same time, Resysta requires minimal maintenance, is slip resistant and available in diverse shapes and colors. All these characteristics make Resysta Decking especially suitable for areas exposed to weather or humidity.

Floor Mat
Wherever I lay my mat

A floor mat suitable for indoors as well as for outdoor use. The robust but flexible substructure provides an excellent floor adherence. The material does not crack nor splinter and is at the same time pleasant and skid-proof. Resysta is guaranteed not to rot for 15 years.

The Resysta Floor Mat is pretreated with specially developed and proven Resysta Top Oil (RTO), giving the material the natural look of teak wood and protecting the surface efficiently against soiling. After exposure to outdoor conditions for some time, the floor mat reassumes the unique appearance of Resysta without becoming brittle or cracking like genuine teak. If required you can revive the color shade of the material by applying Resysta Top Care Oil once a year.

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