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Resysta – The better wood surpasses nature´s model tropical wood in nearly all respects. It is resistant to weather, pests and fungal decay as well as splinter-, swell- and crack free. At the same time, Resysta requires minimal maintenance, is slip resistant and available in diverse shapes and colors. All these characteristics make Resysta Decking especially suitable for areas exposed to weather or humidity.

Decking Boards
The material

Resysta is extremely resistant and features an excellent eco-balancez

Technical and ecological assessment of the new material Resysta: Resysta looks like wood and stands out for its high mechanical strength, thermal stability as well as chemical resistance. Unlike wood, Resysta is swell-, splinterand crack-free, does not gray or fade and withstands pest infestation. Resysta products are therefore very durable without requiring special care or maintenance. Resysta is a true alternative to tropical wood.It is therefore especially suitable for outdoor use like garden furniture and outdoor decking as well as for wellness and pool areas, where high strain, aggressive weather, temperature and environmental influences take effect. Resysta products furthermore provide for an exceptionally beneficial eco-balance. In short: Resysta deserves the title »The better wood« in every sense.

Resysta convinces in ...

... Product properties

  • UV-resistance

  • weather resistance

  • water resistance

  • salt- and chlorine-water resistance

  • no cracking

  • no pest infestation or fungal decay

  • flammability classification B2 (with additives, B1 classification possible)

... Surface and design

  • wood feel and appearance

  • skid resistance

  • no splintering

  • individual color scheme

... Handling

  • easy installation

  • customary tools

  • easy to refinish

... Sustainability

  • no rotting

  • 100% recyclable

  • easy-care

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